Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making Sarah Brady cry

On OC day I went a bit out of my comfort zone.  I open carried into a bar, but more importantly I carried somewhere where I'd previously been very reluctant to do so.  I carried on a college campus.

Despite carrying on Main Street of a college campus on a beautiful weekend afternoon and going into an absolutely packed bar, nothing happened.  My mother had expressed concern a few weeks prior about how people are likely to react to a person OC'ing on University of Delaware's campus. (the discussion had nothing to do with OC day)

The more I think about things the more I smile.  I carried onto a major college campus, down Main Street, and into a bar where I could've ordered a beer if I wanted to.  I did this is Sarah Brady's home state.  Just knowing that I'm free to do so in a bigot like Sarah Brady's home state puts a huge smile on my face.  My actions put an emphasis on just how little clout and grassroots support anti-gun bigots really have these days.  Using freedom to give anti-rights bigots the finger should make all Americans smile!


FightinBluHen51 said...

Sounds like we need a Blue Hen Alum Open Carry Reunion (or introductions) at the Iron Hill Brewery in the not so distant future.

Refresh my memory though, is campus carry legal in DE? Since technically, you aren't ON campus there. It might help that I happen to know a Newark and UDPD's finest (or two).

Mike W. said...

I'd be up for that.

There is a DE law (Chapter 11 Section 1457) pertaining to weapons in school / recreation zones.

It does include universities, however it is an "add-on" offense that requires you to be violating some other law in the subsection. It does not apply to lawful OC.

OC is legal per DE law no matter where you are in Newark. The only thing you'd have to watch for is Newark High school due to the Federal GFSZ act. (so stay away from the top of Main Street)

It's kinda impossible to know when you're "on campus" or not at UD. Isn't Main Street generally considered "on campus?"

Unknown said...

Hmmm. . .in VA there is ordnance that says that you can drive through a school zone while carrying, so long as you do not go into the school with your gun. I wonder if it applies to being on foot? The highway that runs along my old HS has a sidewalk and is a GFZ, so I wonder how the law applies there.

Interesting. Cool though about you OCing all over in the Brady's home terf.