Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ban Dumbells

One of the more gruesome murders in Delaware history was committed by Charles Cohen in 1988 in my hometown.  In November of 1988 Cohen brutally murdered both of his parents.  Anti-gunners would have us believe that guns, not violent people, are the key component to society's violent crime problem.  The Charles Cohen case was a pefect example of just how wrong the gun control advocates are.

"Cohen was 23 when he used a 10-pound dumbbell to repeatedly bludgeon his father, Martin Cohen, into unconsciousness." Afterward, he slit the 58-year-old's throat.

"And then I stabbed him because he was still breathing,"..."I stabbed him until I was sure he was dead."

Next came his mother,

"It didn't take as many strikes to kill her because she was, you know, frail,"

Some people are violent animals.  They don't need guns to prey upon people.  The only way society can be safe from them is if such animals are locked up or, barring that, average citizens retain the means to stop such heinous crimes from occurring..... with the proper application of hot lead.
The book about the Cohen murders, Fallen Son, was actually quite good.  It's worth a read.

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