Friday, August 12, 2011

7.62 X 54R

Nothing says "get off my lawn" like a Soviet Era Mosin capable of blowing big, nasty holes in criminals.  Of course you'd think the big Gasden Flag out front would be a huge "You picked the wrong damn house!" sign.

A man in Kansas City, Missouri thwarted a mob of teenagers who descended upon his home.  Once again we're seeing mobs of "youths" attacking white residents.  Now, this article didn't state the race of the offenders, but I'd be willing to take a guess that, in line with most of these mob attacks, they weren't the same pigment as Mr. Macbride.  (not that race really matters here, but the media would scream bloody murder if white youths were terrorizing innocent blacks.  It would be headline news)

I can't even imagine having your kid come off the porch to tell you there's a group of 40+ people marching down the street, screaming, yelling and headed for your house.

H/T to Miguel


Chris said...

A Reminder why A Mosin Nagant is the best rifle!

Bubblehead Les. said...

After seeing the Video, I know he was rushed, but could you imagine the look on those Punks Faces if had deployed the Bayonet?

Glenn B said...

That was back in June, maybe not related to the recent mobs but then again maybe a precursor.