Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bird Beak

This is, quite possibly, the stupidest and most pathetic rape prevention self-defense instruction I've ever seen.

Put your hands in an awkward, unnatural position and try to "peck" the rapists eyes out?  Moronic, but then these are liberal feminists in San Fran.  They don't exactly live in reality. 

I know modern feminists hate to admit the truth, but generally speaking, women are at a huge physical disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat with a man.  The idea that a 100 pound woman is going to be able to fight off a determined 150-200 pound man with her bare hands is wishful thinking.  It's the equivalent of my thinking I could fight off an attacker my roommates size if he wanted to kill me.  My brother outweighs me by about 40-50 pounds and even now he can easily pin me down and keep me there.  Why?  Superior physical strength and a major weight advantage. 

Listening to advice like this makes me angry because gullible women will see this and think it is actually a viable defense against a rapist when what it really is is feel good bullshit.  A gun levels the playing field and allows women the means to stop predators who are otherwise physically superior.  No other personal tool does that as effectively as a firearm.  Carry your damn guns ladies!

Just out of curiosity, have any of my readers taken one of those "Rape Aggression Defense" classes they offer on college campuses?  Are they as ridiculous and useless as the techniques in the video?

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North said...

Helpful note to rapists: To defend against this horrific assault weapon... wear glasses or turn your head 2" to the side.

Bill Rosich said...

If "raise the roof" doesn't scare the attacker off, then the chicken dance is sure to do the trick. So pathetic, yet so entertaining......

Bill Rosich

Glenn B said...

If she gets it right, during a rape, will she take time out to applaued herself?

BobG said...

There are times when women can use unarmed techniques, but they rely on surprising the attacker, having no qualms about killing or maiming, and you usually only have one shot to get it right.
This bunch makes it look easy, and are going to get some girl hurt because she thought she could do some funny little motion with her hands and overpower some big guy.

instinct said...

I've been in martial arts since I was about 8 years old and had plenty of real fights under my belt (no pun intended) including getting my arm slashed with a broken bottle.

That said, a smaller person CAN defend themselves against a larger person IF they want to put years of training, hurt and pain into learning how to do that and it's still no guarantee that you will come out on top.

Much easier to learn to use a gun and shoot the SOB.

instinct said...

Oh, and I used to help teach a rape defense class, not on a college campus.

We would teach them that almost anything can be a weapon - stab them with a pencil in the throat, jab them in the eye with your keys, even spray them in the face with perfume and smash them with the bottle if you have to.

My Sensei tried to teach them every low dirty technique of street fighting that he knew and then he would tell them that all of it was last resort stuff and it was much better to have a gun.