Monday, August 1, 2011

I was going to blog

I had planned to do some actual blogging today but as they say "Shit happens." I'm currently stuck at my parents house with no car, no clothes* and I'm typing this on a laptop purchased in 2002 that's got a Pentium 4 processor and 448MB of ram.

I just hope the Mazda and whatever is in it (including a bag full of ammo) is still there come morning so I can get it towed.

I had a wedding to attend in MD over the weekend, which is why there was no blogging. It was a beautiful ceremony out on the Chesapeake. I still can't believe my college roommate is married to the girl he was dating back when I was a teenager. That's just flat out awesome.

*seriously. The only pair of underwear I have are the ones I was wearing and had to throw in the wash.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Having just come back from a Funeral in W.VA., I empathize with you on the time constraints. Hope your car is still available. But man, get some spare T-Shirts and some undies and socks and old sneakers and a pair of jeans and a belt and ask Mom if you can keep them on a Closet Shelf somewhere.