Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interesting carry method

A review of The Versa Carry.  I've never seen anything quite like this before.  Very minimalistic.  I will say I really don't like the idea of stuffing a loaded gun down my pants with the trigger guard exposed.

Also, the barrel rod seems to be affixed to the rest of the "holster" by means of one screw.  Eeek.


Alan said...

Oh hell no.

Weer'd Beard said...

+1 to Alan.

The ONLY use I might argue for it as a "Pack O Smokes Gun" rig, where one might want to be able to quickly arm up for a short trip out.

I still think a pocket carry, or those various clip-on full IWB holsters would be a much better job.

Plus the picture where he's clipping it to his belt makes my teeth grit.

That holster is a good way to get "Cop Leg"

Mike W. said...

Hey, I said it was "interesting" not that it was a good idea.

I was just happy the review wasn't done with a Glock.

for a "pack o smokes" rig I can always just throw a J-frame in a pocket holster.

Also, wouldn't having a rod in your barrel make for an interesting draw?

Weer'd Beard said...

J-Frame in a Pocket holster is the ideal "Pack O Smokes" Rig. You can load it and unload it quickly and unlimitedly (without round setback) they're adequately powerful, and light and compact.

There are better and easier guns to fire that hold more, and more powerful ammo, but for grabbing a gun and running out the door to do something, they are the best!

Robert McDonald said...

That just looks like a bad idea. And personally, if I'm carrying IWB, I like to have something between me and a hard piece of metal.