Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene claims two lives

My sister texted me yesterday to tell me that her friend Chris was missing and that she and a bunch of other folks were helping in the search efforts.  He and a friend had been drinking early that night at my buddy Joe's and had decided to go walking out near Hoopes resevoir in the storm.*  I found out earlier this morning via text that Chris and his friend both passed away, apparently drowning in a flash flood in Mill Creek.

*This is a dangerous place to walk on a sunny day while sober, much less drunk and in a Hurricane.

I remember Chris hanging out at the beach with us. he was a good kid.  My thoughts and prayers go out to both families and to the families of all those killed in this hurricane.


NotClauswitz said...

I'm so sorry, that's a terrible way to leave.

Kim said...

I am sorry. It is always hard to know someone taken senselessly. Prayers for the families and everyone who loved them both.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sorry you lost your friend.

Laura said...

ugh, i'm so sorry, Mike.