Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No! Not the trouser monkey!

In the slightly modified words of Jules Winnfield,

"Holster, motherfucker, do you have one?"

I was watching Pulp Fiction on Sunday night and watched Jules & Vincent shove pistols down the front of their shorts at the end of the movie and couldn't help but think of this news story Brigid e-mailed to me.

I'm a huge fan of folks carrying in good holsters, be it one from Dennis, Michael, Comp-Tac or some other quality holster manufacturer.  That said, if some dumbass wants to shove a Glock or (insert pistol here) in his crotch and blow a hole in his trouser monkey that's his choice.  It sure solves the problem of someone that stupid spawning a bunch of little idiots.

Hell, maybe he can be a spokesman for the Brady Campaign once they're done with Plaxico.

1 comment:

BobG said...

What a dumbass.
At least now the guy actually does have a reason to compensate.