Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quote of the day - Cougar

"I agree with the "Yell. Throw rocks. Fight back" theory of lion protection, My rocks, however, are relatively small and go really really fast."

- Michael Bane

It's always irked me that gun laws so often disarm us in situations where people are out in nature and vulnerable.  Not just vulnerable, but in a situation where the men with guns are going to have a hell of a time getting to you if you need them.

 I went and walked the dogs with a family friend recently.  It was dusk and we were in a State Park, which meant I couldn't carry even though there have been cougar sightings not too far away.*  Hell, Fair Hill in Maryland has a sign warning of cougars and illustrating what to do if you encounter one.  Sadly it does not depict shooting the predator in the head, which you couldn't do anyway since you can't carry in Maryland.

*Not that I expect to get attacked by a cougar. Your chances of being attacked by violent 2-legged predators in the park are quite a bit higher.

Then again, being pursued by a cougar might not be a bad thing, but I'm 25 so what do I know ;)


Weer'd Beard said...

I've seen BIG Coyotes around my town and several of the neighboring towns. I know people who have been attacked by them, and lots of stories of people who have been scared by them.

And that's just the diminutive coyote.

Carry your gun all the time, and remember it isn't just for two-legged predators!

Heck name me a place where you WON'T encounter a feral or dangerous Dog. Ain't no place on earth for that.

Better have some copper-coated rocks to throw!

BobG said...

Most of the larger coyotes I've seen have been hybrids; they also tend to be more aggressive, and more liable to run in packs. Domestic dogs are a lot more dangerous than wild coyotes.

Christina RN LMT said...



Bubblehead Les. said...

Mike. Serious Food for Thought Time. I keep reading about all those places you want to go into, then having to stop and turn around because of "Signs." Do yourself a favor. Over the next few days, go to lots of places that say "No Guns Allowed", then look at all the people in them, and see how many of them COULD be carrying Concealed, but are ignoring the Signs. I bet you, unless they're on the Beach or in the Swimming Pool, 95% COULD have some sort of Pistol on their body, in a Purse, in a Diaper Bag, etc. Then ask yourself, how many of them could be Goblins. It'll probably be less than 2%. Then look for the number of LEOs around. That'll probably be close to 0%.

As far as I can tell from my own personal research, I could carry Concealed in about 95% of the United States w/o fear of being spotted. Did you spot my Piece Saturday Night in Pittsburgh? Unless there is some sort of Cop running Metal Detectors (like in a Court House or an Airport), there is very little chance of anyone noticing a weapon until such time as it needs to be used, if you know how to carry Concealed properly and your weapon isn't too big. And if it needs to be used, then at least you'll be alive to go in front of the Judge, rather than having your friends show up for the Funeral because you were unarmed.

Now, one might have to put the 1911 in the Night Stand and go to a .380 or a Pocket 9 (like the Ruger LC9), but trust me, having shot at a Human to Protect Myself, I really wasn't too concerned with the Gun Laws at that minute.

Think about it, Long and Hard, asking yourself one question: Is my Life and the Life of my Family and Friends and any nearby Innocents worth the Ink that's printed on a Sign?

Mike W. said...

Christina - Rowr indeed. Cougars don't scare me! :P

I've never seen any yotes, but big ass dogs yes.