Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stupidity at my Alma Mater

The University of Delaware has developed a new "Campus Shooter PSA"

Here's what their graphic looks like.

"The 20-minute PSA encourages students to adopt a survival mindset incorporating awareness, preparation and rehearsal of protection tactics. It also includes tips and examples of what to do in case a shooter situation arises, including strategies for escape, hiding and taking out the assailant."

What's the first rule of a gunfight?  Bring a gun.  What's the best way of "taking out the assailant?"  With a gun.  I think we all know that encouraging CCW on campus among students is not among the things the University recommends.  In fact, UD prohibits the carrying of all weapons, including guns.

I find the quotes from University students especially troubling.  Their heads seem to be firmly planted in the sand.

This from Senior Allan Arishi

"I might consider looking at it, but I'm not sure," "I don't think a lot of people are walking around with guns."

Sure their are Allan.  Not too many good guys with guns, since the University sees fit to disarm them, but there's certainly violent criminals on campus with guns and other weapons.  I was on UD's campus this past weekend. Were I a bad guy intent on harming people I could have concealed a few pistols, walked all over campus, into lecture halls, been let into dorms etc. and no rules or regulations would've stopped me.  Hell, an old friend of mine managed to do it pretty easily.  Obviously the law and UD's prohibition on guns didn't stop him from carrying.

If you want to know how easy it'd be for a violent criminal or a campus shooter to do harm, that's it.  Have a gun, walk right through utopian "gun free zone" forcefield surrounding campus, start shooting unarmed students.

I know there were problems with both Townies and with violent criminals from Wilmington preying on college kids in Newark because it's a target-rich environment.  I had a hallmate freshman year who was robbed by two career criminals from Wilmington.  These guys had long, violent pasts and they put him in the hospital without use of a gun.

When I say these kids have their heads in the sand I am not kidding.  Here's a piece from the very same Student paper about an armed robbery on Cleveland Ave.  You can actually go on the web and get a calendar view of crimes reported by UD public safety with details. Violent crime happens in Newark.  Anyone who reads The UD Review regularly knows this.

It seems as if Liberal academia wants to do anything and everything to protect and empower students against violent crime except, you know, actually empowering them.  They will suggest everything but that which is most needed and insist on groupthink and treating adults as children.  Obviously I haven't seen the video, but I am almost positive it doesn't include positive defensive tactics nor suggest gun ownership and CCW as a viable defensive option.


Newbius said...


You know that it is not about what actually works, but rather what makes them feel better about the problem. And...guns are icky, mkay?

Bubblehead Les. said...

And how much of your Tax Money was spent on that PSA?