Monday, November 28, 2011

CCW going postal?

A lawsuit to remove the ban on carrying at U.S. Post Offices is going forward in Federal court.

It's about time.  "Gun Free zones" are not safe.  They never have been.  I shouldn't have to unholster my gun and leave it in the car because I'm headed to the post office.  In truth, the whole "sensitive places" argument is ridiculous.  What makes a Post Office so special that they need to ban guns?  What makes it any different than a UPS or FedEx store / hub?

I love the commenters who are acting like it's no big deal to just unholster, disarm, and lock the gun in the car.  Ignoring the fact that this leaves you without a means of self-defense, I'll bet those same commenters would jump all over CCW'ers who have ND's while complying with such BS, or blame them when their guns are stolen from vehicles and locked in cars.

We simply can't win.  If we ignore the law and carry anyway (concealed means concealed) we're bad guys.  If there are more guns on the street and more unnecessary holes in things because we comply with assinine regulations we're the bad guys for being "irresponsible."  It pisses me off.


Bob S. said...

At one time, much of the wealth of our nation was transported by mail.

Either cash or checks -- nowdays, not so much.

I noticed at my local P.O. there is a sign announcing armed robbery of a postal employee is worth 20 years in jail.

Surely the magic of signs is enough to stop anyone from robbing a post office, right?

Bubblehead Les. said...

WAY BACK in the day, like in Capone's time, robbing the Post Office was fairly common. In fact, I believe the Postal Inspectors were one of the first Federal LEO's out there.

Having said that, I just bought a bunch of stamps today from a machine that takes credit or debit cards. So the amount of Cash that is behind the counter is a lot lower than it used to be. There's probably more in the Till at your local Dry Cleaner nowadays. So, yeah, it's about time to make it Gun Friendly.

But since that would make it the first Federal Property within an Urban Setting to allow Guns, then some smart lawyers (like the SAF) could argue that other Federal Properties in the Cities could be made Gun Friendly. Then the States would be forced to allow Guns into their Premises, then the Cities. Imagine, in a few years, Mikey Bloomburg having to do a Press Conference at City Hall, knowing that some of the Press Corps could have a J-Frame in their pockets.

Robert McDonald said...

Not to mention if someone happens to notice you handling a gun in your car there is a good chance the local police will get a 'man with a gun at the post office call.'

Weer'd Beard said...

I recently asked my bank if they carried stamps. The teller looked like I was a lunatic and pointed out that there is a Post Office up the street.

I didn't tell her I was carrying a gun, and I wasn't in the mood to disarm because of a bullshit law, nor was I interested in committing a federal felony.

I'll be very glad to hear this law go, it makes buying stamps and mailing packages a PITA.

karrde said...

For those who are interested, you can go to usps DOT com and request to have stamps delivered.

They require a Credit Card and an email to handle account-setup.

It's handy, telling the mailman to send you stamps.

On the gun issue, this is one reason why I never ride a bicycle to a post office. And one reason I avoid post offices unless I must go.