Monday, November 14, 2011

Quote of the day - Rulers

"I described them not as liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, or red or blue - these are meaningless labels - the modern equivalent of Guelph and Ghibelline . The next civil war will be between those who must rule, and those who have little need for rulers, and it will not flare into violence until the latter change into those who will not be ruled."

- Breda's Mike

Go read Pt. 1 first.  Lots of QOTD material there too.

Our system will implode if left on its current course, and while I can't pretend to know how the collapse will take place or what the inevitable conflict will look like I know it won't be pretty.  Mike is correct, left, right, democrat, republican are all meaningless.  Despite the danger posed by the Left, Republicans do little if anything to slow the "progress" ruining the nation.  The best case scenario is that they back of the accelerator a bit. 

The conflict is basic and classic.  It is, as it has always been, between the dependent class and those who wish to live free.  Those who must rule will be propped up by those who wish to be ruled.  My biggest fear as an American who loves liberty is that the collapse will begin and end with those who wish to be taken care of.  In my experience you can't even get them to see what's occuring, to understand the inevitable, etc.  They are in denial.......and they vote.

This is evident in the case Mike speaks of in Ohio. Ohians voted to hasten their own collapse.*  Public sector unions pour millions into lobbying to maintain the status quo, meanwhile someone like me, who works in the private sector, has to pay for a portion of his employee benefits when the economy goes south. Simply ask the public sector to do what folks like me have already had to do and all hell breaks loose. The private sector has no taxpayer funded trough to feed at (in theory, although with bailouts these days.)

I don't know what the solution is, but I don't hold out much hope of our elected representatives getting us out of this mess.  How can we expect them to stop the largesse & get our house in order when we can't even get them to sign off on a bill to cut their own overinflated pay by 5%?

I often look at some of my fellow citizens and worry.  We both call ourselves Americans of course, and we both occupy the same country, yet the similarities feel like they end there.  The ideological gulf between us is that vast.  Sigh.  Maybe winter doldrums are making me more cynical than usual?

*government workers work for you and I, the taxpayer.  Why in the hell should they have collective bargaining rights?  Even FDR opposed collective bargaining for public sector employees and understood the toxic relationship it created between unions and government.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Brother Mike, the Propaganda that was spewed by the Union Thugs up here in Buckeye Land over the Collective Bargaining would have made Stalin Proud!
But I do like what Goobernor Kasich said afterward: "Keep in mind, all you local Governments have to pay for those benefits, because the State will NOT be giving you anymore money."

As to what Mike wrote: Yeah, Bad Days are coming. I really don't think it matters what Political Label you want to wear, it's just gonna suck. Stay Alert, Stay Armed.