Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Girl And Her Gun

Go read this.  The whole thing. 

Though my experience does not mirror hers, both the Cornered Cat and Lima's youtube channel were some of the first things I came across when I was an ignorant, neophyte gun owner.  They were a tremendous help to me.  I'm glad to see that those two ladies helped this woman turn a traumatic experience into something positive. 

If even one person has read something here that has had a positive impact on their life and helped them grow and move in the right direction, then it's all worth it.  Keep in mind that when you blog you might be more of a positive influence than you know.

That's one of the greatest things about the gunnie community and the online gunblogging community in particular. They are incredibly accommodating, respectful, kind, and willing to help.  Hell, you can go to a blogshoot, shake hands with someone you've never met, and they'll graciously sit you down behind one of their rifles and help you out when you ask.  My experience was the rule, not the exception.

Go into her archives and read too.  The experiences of a neophyte gunnie are always an interesting read, and her blog does not disappoint.


Tango Juliet said...

She runs a great blog. Very courageous story.

agirlandhergun said...

Thank you, so much for the kind words. And you are right, the gunnie(new term for me) community is the most generous supportive group of folks I have had the fortune to spend time with.

Off to watch a Christmas movie with the kids and then come back to check out your blog.

Thank you also Tango Juliet!

Suze said...

Some people think that everyone who carries is either careless or looking for an opportunity to use their gun. One of the important things to note (especially for the anti-gunnies) here is the training that she went to when learning how to carry concealed. It is the training that gave her the confidence she needed to feel strong again, and it is the training that will protect her in the future.