Monday, January 2, 2012

Home invasions on the rise

As this News Journal article says, home invasions are on the rise in Delaware, and residents are understandably alarmed.

One bright spot, however, is that communities downstate are radically different than the rest of the state.  Read the article and what do you notice?  You notice individuals waking up, buying and or carrying guns, and taking individual responsibility for their safety.  You notice the community banding together to help their neighbors rather than complaining about evil guns and shrieking for politicians to "do something" (which is what you'd see in say, Wilmington)

In Wilmington, we'd hear residents calling for politicians to "do something" we'd hear calls to "get the guns off the streets."  In Kent and Sussex Counties residents arm themselves, start a town watch, and we hear this,

"I just hope that if it happens again, somebody shoots the guys."

That is the right attitude.

One thing that struck me from the article was the completely rational response from the husband who had to endure the early morning invasion referenced at the beginning of the article, and I quote,

"Last week, he showed a visitor the black Ruger .38-caliber semi-automatic pistol he carries in his pants pocket.
"I never answered the door like this before," the husband said. "I do now."
You know what the crazy thing is?  Technically, according to Delaware's CCDW laws, the husband is now committing a felony unless he has a CCDW. I'm willing to bet he, and many, many other Delawareans have no idea it's even a crime.

That's one thing a lot of people don't realize.  I'm willing to bet that most Delaware gun owners have no idea our CCDW law extends inside their own home.  Stilll, it's not a law I expect most folks would follow even if they're aware of it.  People in my state should do what they feel is necessary and prudent to protect their homes.  I'm glad to see the my fellow gun owners downstate are doing exactly that.


Home on the Range said...

I keep a gun in my pocket, even when I'm just tinkering in the garage. It doesn't hurt.

TinCan Assassin said...

A .38 caliber Semi Auto? Wow, layers of editorial oversight. Can't they try to get things right?