Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lifting Obama's Veil

Aww, it looks like the poor little narcissist-in-chief can't take criticism which lifts the veil and shows his true nature.  I'm not surprised.  President obama is clearly a narcissist, and we know he's both arrogant and condescending.  If we, the public, see him that way I can only imagine how much of an asshole he is behind closed doors.  Of course the public portrayal vs. private reality dichotomy is not at all unusual for narcissists.

Hell, just look at Obama's speeches.  All he has is angry rhetoric, blaming others for his failures, self-inflating puffery  and doing all he can to encourage divisiveness in America.  He's not above the fray, he's not a new kind of politician.  No, he's exactly the kind of person that folks like me have been saying he was since his candidacy began.  He is who we thought he was.

Also, damn, I've gotta applaud Gov. Brewer. saying "I respect the office of the President."  Notice what she didn't say, that is "I respect President Obama."  Hell, I was raised to understand that respect is earned, and President Obama has earned nothing but my disrespect.

Predictably, people in the comments are defending Obama, calling Brewer a racist, and whining because she's being "disrespectful" to the President.  I'm sorry, but the left has NO room to talk about anyone being disrespectful to the President after how they treated Bush for 8 years.  His initial interaction with her on the tarmac was to complain about her saying unflattering things about him and to generally act like a whiney little asshat.  Do that and people will call you on it.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I learned the Hard Way (LOOONG Story) in the Navy that one should Respect the Rank, Office and Authority of those above you. But one can LOATHE the holder of such Rank, Office and Authority.

What is refreshing is the Fact that Brewer pointed out to the Anointed One through her Actions that the 10th. Amendment means she doesn't have to Genuflect at Barry's Feet.

Guess He felt she should be Bowing to Him, like He does to other world Leaders, huh?

Anonymous said...

Where the Left gets off complaining I cannot fathom. N.P., for one, should have been keelhauled for her behavior towards Bush.