Friday, January 6, 2012

Quote of the day - Mom

Since it was Mom W.'s birthday yesterday I thought I'd use her as a QOTD.  While we were getting ready to head to the range and I was about to give baby sis my range rules & safety briefing talk she said this.

"I love having my own gun and knowing how to shoot it!  It's so exciting!"

- Mom W.

It was after this quote that my sister looked at Mom's Bersa, then at the DW Heritage in the case and said, pointing to the Dan Wesson, "I want to shoot that one."  So, I ended up doing my safety & basic function song & dance with the Heritage.  Yes, the first gun she ever held was a 1911.  She's an engineering major, deans list, and will be pursuing her MBA immediately after, so I have no doubt she'll be able to buy a whole bunch of 1911's in a couple of years if she wants to.


Laura said...

this fills me with glee.

Tango Juliet said...


Mike W. said...

I'm just pissed we weren't able to get to the range that day, and now it might not happen till the weather gets warmer.