Friday, February 10, 2012

Marie Antionette

This is an old article, but I thought it illustrated just how hypocritical and full of BS the Obama's really are.  How much do we hear from Obama about "shared sacrifice" giving things up, and the rich paying their "fair share."

I always love the whole push by Liberals like the Obama's to play it up like they're just like you and I and looking out for the "little people" unlike those rich fatcats in the GOP.  It's BS.  Barry & Michelle are no more "normal" down to earth, or financially similar to the average American than Mitt Romney is.

Normal people don't wear sneakers that cost as much as my monthly rent payment.

As for Michelle Obama, I really get a laugh out of her outrage over being labeled an "angry black woman."  She embodies that stereotype, and her reaction to the labeling only reinforces it.  I could be wrong, but I think the first time I heard that term applied to her was when Barack used it to describe her.


Laura said...

dang. if she got the shelltops i see on the Lanvin site, she could have spent a TON less and bought a pair of organic off-brand shelltops for somewhere around $100. still "stylish," still expensive, but mostly reasonable in comparison...and they don't look half as awful as a gold pair of sneaks looks.

Unknown said...

You wanna be a lawyer and don't know how to use pluralize a name.

Your Obama hate must have given you brain damage because I'm sure you learned that in school.