Monday, February 13, 2012

Media Matters Hypocrisy

David Brock, the head of the wildly anti-gun, liberal propaganda group Media Matters, has armed security. Even better, his executive assistant illegally CCW'd in DC in order to protect him.

It's funny how the minds of anti-gun liberals work. Guns are dangerous, they cause death and violence, they turn you into a cold-blooded killer, and CCW holders are all paranoid nutjobs...... yet they're the crazy, paranoid ones with armed security details because they're worried about "snipers" out to get them.

There's also some great details about just how liberal the MSM is, but then most of you reading this are intelligent and rational people. You already know the media is solidly liberal.


Chuck Kuecker said...

I went to the first Million Moms March with my wife. I was quite impressed with the tough-looking fellows wandering the crowd in yellow union-made T-shirts with 'Million Moms March" on the front and "SECURITY" on the back - and holstered Glocks on their hips.

In gun-free Chicago.

FightinBluHen51 said...

When you aren't relevant, why do you need security?

Oh, I forgot, because you're from the Soros puppet front. That's right.

(Not you Mike, these ding bags).