Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little triumphs

Lately I've found myself being able to do something that I've never really done before.  Even better, I've caught myself doing it without even thinking about it.

I've been walking down stairs without reflexively grabbing hold of the railing.  That may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is.  I've always walked down stairs with a death grip on the railing or, barring that, a hand on the wall.

Now, I still can't do it while carrying things that are awkward and/or overly heavy, but hey, baby steps right?  With my CP my balance is never going to be great, but the closer I can get to having the balance of an average 26 year old the better.


Bob S. said...


That is good news and definitely step in the right direction.

Anything you've been doing to help the improvement? Yoga, balance exercises?

breda said...

Awesome! I know how important those types of things are since I still sometimes don't walk down stairs properly myself. Practice and mindfulness!

Mike W. said...

Bob - Yes. I've been hitting the gym, working on everything. Legs, arms, core, abs etc. (although not done as much the last 3 months due to school) I've got 6 weeks off of school and just started back up again.

It would appear the workouts are helping in ways I hadn't anticipated.

Breda - I felt kind of stupid writing the post, but at the same time, go me!

I wish I could go to PT and have them do balance exercises with me. We did some really cool ones back when I was at UD. Including stuff like playing catch while I was standing on a small trampoline.