Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pork & Beer, Dogfish style

I dropped by the Dogfish Head Brewpub at the beach this past weekend.  I tried a couple of their new beers, White Lodge, which was weird, light belgian style brewed with Garbanzo beans.  I'll definitely pass on that one, as did everyone else at the table.  The Urkontinent on the other hand was actually quite good.  It's not really my style, (I had a 75 minute IPA) but it's definitely something I'd order again when I'm not in the mood for an IPA.

Their pulled pork sandwiches, while good, are not up to par with the pulled pork wraps from the Washington Street Ale House, or the food at Iron Hill, but it's definitely good enough to stop in if you're ever in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  I'd recommend the fish tacos.

An article in the men's room says that DFH employees curse like sailors, yet I didn't hear any of that.  Fuck!


Bill Rosich said...

I'm a big IPA fan, too. (It's the only style of beer that I really enjoy.) Love Dogfish 60 minute. never tried any of their others.

Garbanzo beans? You gotta be sh*tting me.....

45er said...

Dogfish has done a lot for IPAs. I do like their stuff. Their 60 is good, but their 90 is fantastic and their 120 minute is out of sight.