Sunday, June 24, 2012

Open Carry Irony

This afternoon I picked up my sister in Newark and met up with a few other folks at the Brewery.*

Sis needed to pickup textbooks, so we headed down main street to Liebermans, which it turns out is closed on weekends.

Next we turned around and headed to Delaware Book exchange, where I saw this along with another sign on the door.

You almost NEVER see such signs in Delaware. Oh well, they don't carry any legal weight as is. Had she decided to I would've gone in anyway. I mean hell, my gun isn't concealed.

We went to the University of Delaware bookstore instead, where I saw no "no guns" sign despite it being UD property. I was sure that if anyplace at UD would have a "No guns" sign it'd be the campus bookstore. Weird.

No one had even the slightest reaction to my gun, as usual. It's funny how many, especially online, are convinced a swat team will converge anytime you carry in a blue state. It simply isn't true.

*had salad & no beer, as I've been getting just a bit of flab around my middle. Apparently getting older and not doing cardio is a bad combination.

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Jay G said...

Maybe not a SWAT team, but we had a case in MA a few years back where a CCW's jacket blew open, revealing his legally carried firearm. He was stopped and questioned by a police officer who observed the incident, and then was later stripped of his permit - and, along with it, his ability to own a firearm.

No, it wasn't a SWAT team. But that guy lost his ability to so much as own a firearm.

Excuse me if I'm not willing to take that risk.