Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obama on Taxes

With Obama once again parroting his old, tired, class warfare bullshit about how we need to raise taxes on the rich in the name of "fairness" and to help the economy, I thought I'd leave you with some of the Presidents past statements

Here's Obama in 2009 on the idea of raising taxes in a recession.  Raising taxes is "The last thing you want to do."

Then, in 2010 Obama says that raising taxes could lead to job losses

Now, with the economy in bad shape and getting worse, and after passing Obamacare with its myriad of new taxes, he's screaming again about raising taxes on the rich.  It's all he's got in his playbook and he's using it over and over.  Hell, even Nancy Pelosi doesn't agree with the President on taxes!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Mike, relax. Enjoy the Summer. I'm sure Obama will be lying through his teeth come September and October.

After all, the last Honest thing I heard from his mouth was "In 5 more days, we will begin the Fundamental Transformation of America." And that was just before the November '08 election.

And don't you just LOVE what he's been Transforming the Republic into!

Rose said...

I wonder what his angle will be come Sept. and Oct. when he sees his tactics aren't working. Will there be a new "crisis?" I'm wondering if he will try to pit people against each other to cause riots or another OWS.