Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quote of the Day - Oh Noes Edition!

"He's got that damn gun on him again!"*

I swear, some folks just can't handle having an openly armed non-LEO near them without throwing fits. They may say it's because they don't want the unwanted attention that OC brings to be directed at them, but that's really crap.

Said people will react indignantly and make a scene because of the gun and the "unwanted attention," meanwhile the staff and patrons at Dick's Sporting Goods haven't so much as even appeared to have noticed my 1911.  Hey buddy!  The only one drawing "unwanted attention" to yourself (and me) is YOU.  I'd laugh at such behavior, but really it's more sad than anything.

So, aside from one person who insists on acting like a bratty child Independence Day was just like any other day OC'ing.

* I mean, I guess it's better than pointing at my hip and yelling "COOTIES! COOTIES! HE'S GOT COOTIES!!" in which case I would definitely start laughing.


Laura said...

dang. acted up a bit, did zie?

Mike W. said...

Of course. That's what children do when they're not getting their way.

instinct said...

If I ever am out your way and we meet up, I'm going to do the cooties shouting :D

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