Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quote of the Day - Build That

"Hey, guess who invested in roads and bridges? You did. I did. We all did. And that business that someone else built invested the most. Greedy Capitalists created this unbelievable American system that has allowed anyone to thrive. People like our Narcissist in Chief are doing everything in their power to tear it down. I remember when we had a President that tore down walls to advance independence rather than tearing down the successful to advance dependence."

- Jennifer

Oh hell yes.  Especially that last sentence.  Thomas Edison tried (and failed) thousands of times before perfectig the modern incandescent lightbulb.  Would Obama say he didn't build that?  As for tearing down the successful to advance dependence, I would expect nothing else from Obama given his collectivist, marxist ideology.

By the way, what is with these freedom hating leftists using what Rand wrote as a cautionary tale as a blueprint for societal and economic failure and soul crushing soft tyranny?  They do realize she wasn't writing an instruction manual for Statist thugs, right?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Funny. If "I didn't Build That," then where are you getting the Tax Revenue to Pay for it, Mr. "I never worked on my own w/o Somebody else picking up my Paycheck" Obama?

Jennifer said...

I don't think they do realize it.

Papa Bear said...

Didn't you hear what Romney said about "You didn't build that"?

Paraphrasing: When a kid gets great grades and becomes valedictorian, I don't credit the bus driver!