Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quote of the day - Content Stealing Bums

"Actually no, we don’t pass these photos off as our own. Hovering your cursor over any photo on TTAG will reveal the photo’s credit. For instance, the linked photo you reference is listed as “AIWB courtesy”
If any originator of a photo objects to our using it, we’re happy to take it down. All it takes an email."

- Dan Zimmerman of TTAG
It looks like the folks at TTAG are at it again, stealing other people's content to use on their site without permission.  Uncle calls them on it and the above is their response in the comments.

So their standard practice is to steal content without gettng permission and then claim "Oh, but it's OK because we'll take it down if the copyright holder objects."  Wonderful. That's a classless move by the folks at TTAG, and total bullshit.  It's also typical behavior for them, as they're a pox on a gunblogging community comprised of folks I generally have a great deal of respect for.  It's really not terribly difficult to ask someone if you can use their photo, and provide clear attribution in your post (including a link to that persons site, if possible)

H/T to Unc


Bubblehead Les. said...

"Oh, it's okay to steal weapons from your Gun Safe. Why, we'll give your stuff back if you send us an eMail."

You know the only reason they get away with it is that someone with Big Bucks hasn't sent in the Lawyers. Think they'd try that crap on the NY Times. Washington Post, Universal Studios, or any other Major Media Outlet?

Alan said...

I think they know most people wouldn't give them permission.

Linoge said...

In general, I am willing to overlook the occasional idiot who I really wish was not on our side - if nothing else, they serve as wonderful object lessons of what not to do, and occasionally they are hilarious, though typically in a bad day.

When it comes to TTAG, though, I would not piss on their servers if they were on fire. They are a blight upon the internet as a whole, and should their site disappear into the bit sea, not a whole lot would actually be lost.

NotClauswitz said...

I don't go there ot link to them, ever - but I'd be seriously pissed if they took my digital efforts and did that.
If they accept advertising revenue and make money, they absolutely MUST to get permission in advance of using a picture.