Sunday, February 3, 2013

.32 testing

So I decided to shoot an old textbook with some old, anemic .32 loads out of my 432PD.

I shot a 617 page softcover book with two rounds of Winchester Super X in .32 S&W. One round of Prvi Partizan .32 S&W Long and one round of Georgia Arms 85 grain JHP S&W Long.

First off, I expected the Longs to penetrate better than the .32 S&W's. The Prvi round did not.. I didn't even have to open the book to find the Prvi round. It penetrated less than the 85 grain Winchesters. The Georgia Arms S&W long penetrated the most, though only marginally better than the .32 S&W's.

None of the rounds even got close to penetrating the book! It's amazing these old .32's were actually used to kill people.

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