Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quote of the Day - That "Trust" Thing Again

"Politicians who don't trust law-abiding citizens to own guns do NOT see them as equal members of a democratic republic. To put it bluntly, they see them as serfs. Or children who need to be protected from themselves.....The Second Amendment is not just one amendment in the Bill of Rights: It's the Founders' message to the citizens of America - "We Trust You". And if you fold on that amendment? You'll fold on all the others. Guaranteed."

- Ace of Spades

This!  If there's one overriding concept that every young person should get out of everything the founding fathers wrote it is this.  "We trust you."  That was kinda the whole point of this new nation, this new experiment they embarked upon.  They set out specifically to create a government where the people were to be trusted with individual liberty.

How far we have fallen as a nation.

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Anonymous said...

That is the problem with government today. The elitist politicians and bureaucrats don't see themselves as public servants or employees. They consider themselves rulers, and they consider the rest of us to be subjects.