Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On Meds? No gun for you!

If there was ever a perfect example of just why I'm so adamantly opposed to licensing and registration of guns / gun owners this would be it.  The State of NY somehow learns that a law-abiding NY gun owner is perscribed anti-anxiety meds, and so they yank his pistol permit.

If government officials can require a permit to exercise a right and then revoke it at their whim, you do not actually have that right.

New York requires permits not just to carry, but to own.  They have registration.  Without licensing and registration this man would not have had his firearms confiscated.  Yes, Confiscated.  Pulling his permit to own is confiscation, since he immediately becomes a felon if he doesn't turn in his guns the moment that permit is revoked.  Since they know he owns guns and what guns he owns, and they know he's now violating the law by not turning them in, the State's next move would be forcible confiscation of his now illegal guns.

I was prescribed Xanax a few years ago for panic attacks / anxiety attacks. I know Robb Allen has had similar issues. I couldn't tell you how long it's been since I've actually taken one, but they sit in my backpack nonetheless.  There is no way in hell my rights should be wholesale violated and my property confiscated over a legally prescribed bottle of Xanax.  Oh, and how in the hell did the cops even know he'd been prescribed the meds?  Anyone want to bet the government was snooping around in violation of HIIPA / medical privacy laws.

We won't hear a peep about this on World News Tonight, because the egregious violation of rights happened to a gun owner in the utopian leftist paradise of New York.


Anonymous said...

The law already prohibits anyone who is dangerously mentally ill from owning a firearm. Obviously, the New York authorities want to make the interpretation of "mental illness" so vague and broad that it can mean whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

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