Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update on my last post

Turns out, not only did New York violate a man's rights, revoking his permit and confiscating his guns because he was perscribed anti-anxiety meds............they did it all to the wrong guy.

And people wonder why I have such disdain for people who say things to the effect of "Well if you're not a criminal you have nothing to worry about." Oh really?  The entire situation would have been insane enough had they actually done it to the right guy, but they couldn't even get that right.

When outright contempt for your rights and gross government incompetence combine it's the average law-abiding gun owner who has the most to fear.


Alan said...

"If you're not a criminal" no longer applies in a guilty until proven innocent world where everyone breaks laws every day that they don't even know about.

All it takes is a bureaucrat deciding to target you and you are toast. Even if you ARE innocent and can prove it, you're still out tens of thousands of dollars (at least).

Bubblehead Les. said...

Just think of all the "John Smiths" who have a CHP, then watch a Bureaucracy try to keep them straight.

And we're supposed to Trust those Idiots?

Anonymous said...

There was a case in Georgia in which a man was arrested after trying to buy a gun. When the dealer ran a check in the computer, it came back that there was a warrant for the buyer's arrest, so the dealer called the sheriff on him. It turned out that the warrant was for someone else with the same common (e.g., "John Smith" or "Sam Jones") name. That was an honest mistake, but one can easily imagine anti-gun authorities deliberately confusing a convicted criminal with someone who has a clean record, in order to deny him a gun permit.

Geodkyt said...

Worse, imagine the ATF tac-team blowing the door on a "no-knock" to go round up the (falsely) "prohibited" person who got home before the system flagged him.