Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ammo Shortage Abating?

I've bought exactly one box of 5.56 since all this crazy buying began last year.  Other than that I haven't bought a single round in a major, popular caliber. While 223 / 5.56 ammo prices are still way too rich for my blood, it does seem like some sanity has returned to the market.  In addition, I was able to find enough PMAGS in stock to cancel my backorders with DSG Arms.

Palmetto State Armory not only has XM193 in stock, but it's not ~$1 / round anymore.  Also, this is a sight I haven't seen in a long time.  An entire page of in stock .223 / 5.56 FMJ.

Maybe I'll actually be able to afford some ammo sometime later this year.


Richard said...

I got an e-mail from Cheaper Than Dirt today and they actually listed 223/5.56 for less than $1 round. In fact some of it was less than 0.75/rd. I couldn't believe it coming from them.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel??

Laura said...

Cabela's had .22 in stock yesterday.

Mike W. said...

I should say I cancelled 2 of my 3 backorders with DSG Arms for PMAGS. I couldn't find M3 20rd. PMAGS anywhere.

Stuff is still moving fast, but things aren't quite as crazy.

Bubblehead Les. said...

MIGHT have some stuff for you at Nancy's Blogshoot, Mike. My Buddy the Surplus Dealer is letting me take down some Stock for the Tribe.

Except for Silly Stuff like .357 Sig. ; )

Glenn B said...

I have recently various calibers priced as follows:

.22LR at .04 cents per round (sold out in minutes)

.223/5.56x45mm at .48 cents per round (sold out fast)

7.62x39mm at .27 cents per round (maybe still available at, it was Tulammo brand)

.32 Auto at .24 cents a round

9mm at .30 cents per round

.45 Auto at .44 cents a round

So yes, prices are coming down. Yet, the ammo buying frenzy does not seem to have abated as most of those sold out very quickly, as in a matter of minutes. has been a fairly good tool in finding lower prices.