Thursday, June 6, 2013

"A Lighter Burden Than Regret"

Some days, when I'm doing something simple like heading out at night to get gas or pickup takeout I think I'd really rather just walk out the door and not have to go put on a carry rig (can't OC at work.)

Then I think of something Breda once said,

"Carry your gun - it's a lighter burden than regret."

I always love the "why would you carry a gun to go to the _____?" type questions.  It's such a naive and simple-minded question, one that assumes bad things only happen in certain specified areas.

The roomie and I stopped for a bite at around midnight at a good diner in a not so good part of town.  At least some people can see the utility of carrying a gun in this scenario, but say I'm heading to the grocery store and the chinese place with a Sig P220ST.  Then they'll cry "why would you need a gun there?"

Yes, because bad things never happen to people at grocery stores.  I bet at least a few of these victims wish they had a gun.

My roommate was asking me the other day if I would carry in church or not.  He seemed to think it was odd that people would carry at church.  Again, I consider it a silly, non-serious question.  God doesn't keep bad things from happening at churches. I'm not a frequent churchgoer by any means, but if I was I'd carry at Sunday mass, not because I think it's likely I'm going to need a gun, but because, as Lyle so succinctly put it,

"Because bad things can happen anywhere."

Also, I've been carrying the Sig P220ST a bit lately, and damn, I forgot how heavy that thing is!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. was murdered in a church.

Bob S. said...

Would you only activate your car or medical insurance if you were going to a 'bad part' of town?

How about only having your seat belt on if you expected to be in a collision?

Obviously not; so why would anyone think it is odd to carry all the time. Here in Arlington Texas, an 83 year old grandmother was carjacked and murdered -- on her way back from getting donuts.

No problems at the donut shop; she was jacked in her driveway!

I forgot how heavy that thing is!

I'll trade quotes with you:
"Death is as light as a feather, duty heavier than a mountain"

Think of your response, your duty to help yourself and others in case of an emergency or crime. The daughter or a neighbor tried to stop the car jacking but was ineffective -- no firearm.
Would you rather tote that Sig unneeded for years or regret one minute?
Yeah, that quote from Breda really brings the point home doesn't it.

Jerome East said...

I'm guessing you're a wheel of time fan? At least that's the only place I've seen the quote about death being lighter than a feather