Friday, June 14, 2013

Leather and Butts

Weer'd, Alan, Jay, Breda, all show off their leather and butts, and my, there's some beautiful works of art there!  I wonder if Dennis makes Squirrel sized belts & holsters?

Leather, Butts, Squirrels & Weer'd!  What could possibly go wrong? :P

Dennis really does make some great holsters. His shop is out in Oak Ridge, TN and will soon be more than just quality custom holsters.  If you're in his neck of the woods check out what's soon to be a full-fledged gun shop where you can get what you need all under one roof!

 I have 4 Dragon Leatherworks Talon Holsters.  In fact, I have the identical 1911 Talon that Alan is modeling in the post.

Also, because it needs to be said.  Breda really needs a nice stainless 1911 :)

The 4th holster isn't pictured since my sig P220ST was on my hip when I took these.

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