Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quote of the Day - The Biggest Problem With Liberals

"the biggest problem with Liberals isn't knowing what the evidence shows. Instead, the problem is that their vested interest in a false vision compels Liberals to discount each and every fact that would destroy that vision."

- Brian Cates

I really prefer to refer to these people as leftists, rather than liberals, as I find it more accurate.

I can remember attempting to have policy conversations with my roommate, back when I was naive enough to think facts and logic might penetrate his ideological bubble.  At some point, you realize that some folks are so completely gone that nothing you can say, no logic, no amount of historical or factual data can bring them back to reality-based, rational thought processes.  I can recall is refutation of FBI UCR data was to dismiss it out of hand due to pervasive racism on the part of police and the entire justice system.  No intelligent conversation can be had after such an absurd statement.

With my roommate I can remember exactly when I got to that point.  It was during the Zimmerman debacle.  He was clearly bothered by it, highly emotional and irrational. He ate the media portrayal of Zimmerman as an evil murdering racist hook line & sinker. I on the other hand was the grounded voice of reason. 

When he said to me that Zimmerman shot Martin "in cold blood" and that someone should find him and hang him I was again the voice of reason and also shocked by his statement. (An ironic statement that, a man who identifies as black stating that another minority should be executed without due process or jury trial)

  Here I am calmly mentioning FL law, pointing out that Zimmerman has Constitutional rights, that the facts, witness testimony and physical evidence all back up Zimmerman's self-defense claim.  He on the other hand is all "I want this man's head on a plate!"  Unsurprisingly, I was the one having my character attacked for being "unempathetic" "having no soul" and "something is seriously wrong with you, dude."  Standing up for the rights of the accused in this situation was something unfathomable to him, therefore something had to be wrong with me for being willing to do so.

It doesn't seem to matter who the leftist is, or whether you get along with them fine personally in other aspects.  If you are pro-rights, pro-due process, and above all else, pro-logic, grounded in facts and history they simply do not know how to handle it at all.  Sometimes all it takes is one small statement that throws a monkey wrench into their thought patterns, and the only way they know how to deal with it is to spew invective while claiming the moral high ground.

I have to say, given their emotional outbursts and poor impulse control leftists with guns do give me pause, especially once history is taken into account.

It's very much like I said in "Sad But Predictable."  The key point being.  Facts don't matter.

"They know at some level that their arguments lack merit. They are incapable of separating reason from emotion. They live in a world ruled by their feelings. In such a world facts don't matter, reason succumbs to emotional outbursts, and logic is in short supply."


Bubblehead Les. said...

I've given up trying to talk Sense to the Senseless. Move along, go to the park with your dog, watch a movie, go to the Range, Drink Beer, enjoy Life. It's all a better use of your time.

Just don't turn your back on them.

Mike W. said...

Oh I have Les. This was an old conversation we had