Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quote of The Day - Passivity

"please tell me we aren’t yet to the point that we would stand there on sidewalks for 14 minutes armed with nothing but cellphone cameras watching maniacs bleat like goats about Allah as they pose for photographs over the freshly-beheaded corpse of a soldier in a major metropolitan area."

- Rachel Lucas

Sadly I think that there are some very blue, very leftist areas of the United States where we ARE to that point.  I cannot imagine such a scene unfolding that way in Texas, or Wyoming, or even Virginia. 

I could absolutely see it happening in California, Massachusetts or say, Baltimore Maryland.  There are areas of the U.S. (all very leftist) that are not far removed from the sad spectacle that Britain has become.  I could also absolutely see Democrats putting their heads in the sand about the problems of radical Islam while it is infecting and destroying everything, as is happening right now in the UK.

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