Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sandy Hook Parent's Being Used by Anti-Gunners

As I read this article, which focuses on the Sandy Hook parents being chauffered around the country by  anti-gun folks in order to push gun control state-by-state, I am reminded of just how despicable anti-gun, anti-rights folks truly are.

First off, the entire concept of flying in out-of-staters, giving them free reign at the State Capitol, private access to the governor and legislators, and as much time to speak about bills that do not conern them is absolutely disgusting.  How dare these people come into my state and be given the rockstar treatment while advocating for the infringement of MY rights.  Go home.  Grieve in your own damn state and mind your own business.

What really has my angry is how they are being used by the anti's.  These parents are actually being coached by PR firms on how to advocate for gun control and given straight talking points to say.  I would say anti-gun folks should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for such behavior, but that presupposes they have the moral constitution necessary to feel shame.

As the article states,

"In the parents’ briefing book for the Delaware trip, a press aide had provided a list of possible talking points, the same suggestions parents had been given in Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut."
Here's a sampling of what they're being told to say.

“We are not anti-gun. We are not for gun control. We are for gun responsibility and for gun safety laws”

In other words, they're being coached to come to Delaware and lie their asses off.

“The Sandy Hook shooter used 30-round magazines. He fired 154 bullets in four minutes, murdering 20 children and six adults,”

Which he could have easily done with 10 round magazines, or even a bolt action rifle and a bunch of stripper clips.

“This is not about banning or confiscation,”

Ah yes, that's why Senator Marshall introduced SB37 which called for banning and confiscation of "assault weapons."  That's why the word "Ban" is prominantly used in all of the gun control bills Delaware anti-gunners are trying to pass.

"Please know, this is not about gun control but gun responsibility."

Yes, which is why you're trying to force gun control upon me, someone already responsible with his guns and also NOT responsible for the deaths of those 20 children.

“The bills on the table here make good, common sense,”

Ah yes, we're supposed to listen to someone whose judgment and reason has been completely clouded by understandable emotion and grief?  Umm, how bout no.

UPDATE - Apparently I forgot to link to the story.  That's now fixed!

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Anonymous said...

Some Sandy Hook victims' parents may be skeptical about gun control, and they may advocate REAL "common sense" solutions (armed guards in schools, keeping sociopaths in prison and psychotics in secure mental hospitals instead of letting them wander around loose). But they are not getting much attention from the media, and are not being flown around the country like rock stars on a concert tour.