Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obama on Background Checks

Obama used the Navy Yard Murders to once again call for "boosting background checks" on gun purchases.

Hey you disingenuous, lying, unamerican sack of shit, this guy had more extensive background checks performed on him than 99% of American gun owners.  They didn't work.

The Murderer (who shall not be named) passed an NICS background check to legally purchase the Remington 870 pump shotgun he used to commit these murders.  I assume he passed one when he first entered the Navy.  Then, when he was hired as a defense contractor another federal background check would've been done on him.  At some point he held a Texas CCW permit, which means he passed another background check before that was issued.  News reports have said he had a "secret" security clearance at the Navy Yard, which, by the way, would have required an extensive check of his background by the FBI.

Whatever mental health issues he may or may not have had would not have shown up on any NICS background check to buy a gun, because he was never institutionalized or adjudicated mentally ill through the courts.

Yes, he had several gun-related arrests.  Read that last word.  Arrests.  You're not going to be prevented from buying a gun through a background check when you haven't actually been convicted of any disqualifying crimes.  If you want to blame anyone for this blame the DA's in his prior cases for failing charge him with, and convict him of, felonies.

Crazy murderer undergoes no less than 5 background we need to pass Universal background checks and boost background checks.

Crazy murderer used a pump shotgun, an 870 which is only one of the most popular shotguns in we need to ban AR-15's and standard capacity magazines...... but not ban them from the hands of Law enforcement, who used an AR-15 with a 30 round mag to take down the murderer.


Bob S. said...

Oh but these will be better background checks-- they'll make sure every medical/psychological blip is recorded for posterity -- or to be used against a person.

As if people don't have problems and then get better.
Of course those same medical/psych problems won't be used to disqualify a person from voting, marrying, driving, etc.

The antis want to keep chipping away until there is no citizens who are armed. This is consistent with Barry O's long hold positions on firearms.

Anonymous said...

If the killer had been prosecuted for any one of his previous crimes, he would have been a convicted felon, and even the most cursory background check would have prevented him from buying a gun. If he had been properly treated for his obvious mental illness, he would have been diagnosed as psychotic, which would have barred him from legally buying a weapon. The liberals installed revolving doors in the prisons and mental hospitals, releasing dangerous people as fast as the cops could arrest them. Then, when the released inmates kill someone, those same liberals use the NRA as a scapegoat.

Linoge said...


Apparently, "I have maintained a Secret and/or Top-Secret-equivalent security clearance for nearly a decade," is no longer a good character reference as to my law-abiding-ness.


Anonymous said...

What right, other than the First Amendment, do you have to speak truth to power?

I happily link at

William Myers said...

I make Bob S's words my own words, just...perfect!

Cesar Lee said...

C'mon Bob, you know there are no such thing as the antis, this is not a valid argument.