Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quote of the Day - Goldberg

"When the president is a Democrat he needs to rule unimpaired. When he’s a Republican, his dictatorial tendencies must be held in check. When liberals want to reinterpret the Constitution by judicial whim or fiat, it’s proof that the Constitution is living up to its nature as a “living, breathing, document.” When conservatives actually want to amend the Constitution — the only legitimate and constitutional means to change the meaning of the Constitution, I might add – it is a horrible affront to the vision of the Founders!"

- Jonah Goldberg writing at NRO.


Seriously, everything from the media seems to be "ZOMG the republicans are shutting down the government, refusing to compromise, and hurting people.  This is of course completely false.

Obama is saying "give me what I want now and then we'll deal with the debt ceiling negotiations."  I expect Republicans will cave, which, frankly, is the WORST thing they could do.

Obama is a narcissist.  You cannot cave to such men.  If you think his pettiness, arrogance and demagoguery are bad now, you wait and see how bad it is once the Republicans give him what he wants in this round of non-talks.

Narcissists will whine, stomp their feet, hold their breath, and generally throw a little hissy fit until you give them what they want.  They will also twist everything, especially any criticism levied at them in order to play the victim to the extreme.  Don't believe me? Just listen to Obama's interviews and speeches.  It's the same old song and dance over and over  "Republicans are just big ole' meanies who won't just capitulate to all of my demands and give me exactly what I want." All the while he flatly states he won't give the Republicans anything nor will he negotiate at all, yet the Republicans are somehow the ones who refuse to negotiate or compromise.

Another thing I'm seeing a lot of from Obama?  This whole "why are the Republicans doing this to ME!?" why are they attacking ME?"  It's bullshit martyrdom which is a hallmark of malignant narcissists everywhere.

I see so many similarities between Obama's behavior and my Father's it's amazing, but then both are narcissists.  If Obama acts this blatantly despicable in public I would love to see how he acts privately.  In fact, I fully suspect that if we got a couple of gun bloggers alone in a room with him we could get him to fly into full-on narcissistic rage mode quite easily.

If he didn't have a media that's solidly in his corner I suspect we'd have seen quite a few Obama rage fits by now.


Anonymous said...

Obama is willing to negotiate with Iran and North Korea, but not with Congress. But then, Obama is against American citizens owning semi-automatic AR-15 rifles, yet he wants to supply fully automatic rifles to the "rebels" (i.e., Al Qaeda-linked terrorists) in Syria. And he won't try to stop illegal aliens from entering the country, but he barricades monuments to keep US citizens (including war veterans) from visiting them.

Anonymous said...

Since 1976, there has been a shutdown under every president except George W. Bush. Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton all negotiated with Congress and worked something out. Obama not only refuses to work with Congress, he has gone to great lengths to make the crisis unnecessarily painful. There was no need to shut down open-air sites, like outdoor monuments and public parks. In fact, it obviously costs more to pay cops or guards to barricade the sites than it would to leave them open.

William Myers said...

It's a sad moment in our history, never thought Mr. Obama would let the situation get to this point...