Friday, February 28, 2014

Quote of the Day - Anti's and the Dunn Case

'The point here is (and I'm SURE you understand) that anyone at anytime can lose it and be capable of murder. Whether it's in a fit or rage, or depression or a slow breakdown that was years in the making. A gun allows them to kill with ease, with no forethought and kill large numbers of people.

ANYONE, even you, can lose it at ANY moment. Ones second you're a responsible, card carrying NRA member, the next you're a murdering, criminal, madman/dirtbag/devil/whatnot.
I don't think the people who lived at the time the 2nd amendment was penned had the kind of pressures and mental illnesses we have today."

- Commenter Kevin117

If theres one thing that all of this focus on "Stand Your Ground" has shown me, it's that it's the very notion of self-defense that anti-gun leftists hate so much.  They're not attacking SYG, hell, they don't even understand what the SYG law is nor do they care to learn or read the law.  What they want taken from you is your ability, your right to defend your own life, leaving the state as the only legitimate actor.

Kevin says basically "anyone can commit murder at anytime." Technically true, but this has always been the case, yet the vast majority of American's don't just snap and go off killing folks.  If people actually acted like Kevin believes they do we'd see a ton more chainsaw mass murders by landscaping workers, mass stabbings by chefs, and a far, far more murders and predatory violence by CCW holders.

I'd bet money that Kevin, sincere in his belief that anyone can, at anytime, "lose it" and commit murder, has no problem with such people driving around him with 3000+ lb. hunks of metal.  I've heard anti's say "If my child had a gun I'd be afraid he'd get angry and shoot me." How sad that they think this about their own child, and yet they're presumably not worried that same kid will grab a steak knife out of the drawer and murder them in anger.

Yes, people can lose their cool.  We are emotional beings and we all get angry.  Somehow though, millions of people don't just wantonly lose their cool on a whim and engage in predatory violence upon their fellow man.  Those who do are a tiny, identifiable subset of the population and tend to do so with regularity.

That police chief in FL at the movie theatre?  He had a bit of a history of getting emotional and angry, a history of confronting people over dumb shit.

I'm going to highlight this part again

"Ones second you're a responsible, card carrying NRA member, the next you're a murdering, criminal, madman/dirtbag/devil/whatnot."

This. This is what the anti's think of us.  Is it any wonder then, why they do not respect our rights?  This kind of hatred of your fellow man, this kind of dehumanization, well it helps explain how people can go along with things like herding Jews into cattle cars.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

It's a lie. It's not even a good lie. Every single time someone has studied murderers they have come to the same conclusion,

"Murder is a very unusual behavior and perpetrators turn out on investigation to be extreme aberrants. Studies of homicide uniformly find almost all murderers differ markedly from ordinary people in having life histories of violence, felony, psychopathology, substance abuse, restraining orders and so forth. If there is an argument for banning guns to the entire populace, it must derive from some other basis than that ordinary citizens are likely to commit murder."


Anonymous said...

Once again, it's about projection. Anti-gun activists (and "Progressives" in general) are hysterical personalities with little or no self-discipline, and they assume you must be, too.

Anonymous said...

If you are a law-abiding citizen and an honorably discharged veteran, with a normal I.Q., no signs of mental illness, no criminal record, and you work 70 hours a week and pay 35% income tax, then you can't own a gun because you are a potential "murdering criminal" who could "lose it" at any moment. But if you are a drug addict, a high school dropout, and a convicted felon, then the progressives will fight for your right to vote, drive a car while drunk, and to have custody of your seven illegitimate children.