Saturday, December 15, 2007

Evil is not stopped by submission.....

Nor is it stopped by banning guns, knives, or samurai swords as they've just done in the UK. Sadly acts of violence will never be stopped by such bans because evil in the mind of a killer is all that's necessary. What are we going to do, ban matches and gasoline? ban anything combustible?

this is an example of such evil

You cannot stop evil men hellbent on killing innocent people unless such men are behind bars or dead. The ONLY appropriate response to truly evil men is force. No amount of reasoning, laws, or signage proscribing objects or illegal acts could have stopped this man. Even if we could ensure that nothing could ever be used as a weapon evil men would still kill with their bare hands. If killing is their intent they will find a way to kill.

Many people like to encourage the idea that victims should "just give them what they want." The problem with this approach is that it requires the victim to determine the intent of the aggressor. This is impossible. If what they want is not your property, but to harm you, then such an approach will only ensure victimization. Furthermore, "giving them what they want" requires submission. When the media and law enforcement preach submission they only serve to enable and embolden criminals by training people to be easy prey. Submission is also counterintuitive to our natural flight or fight instincts.

(this makes me think of Delaware's deadly force laws, but I'll save discussion of those for another post)

In the case of the man in the link I posted submission did not work. Two women were set on fire because they gave him the money and he wasn't happy with the amount. (do a search on youtube and you'll find many video's where victims acquiesced to the demands of their attackers and were killed anyway.)

And then we have this guy, who killed two people and was happy about it. Courtesy of Sharp as a Marble

"He found Jason Wenger, 27, a graduate student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. According to the documents, Rogers told police he shot Wenger a few hours later during a carjacking at Wenger's West Anchorage home. When he wasn't able to get Wenger's body out of his Bronco quickly enough, Rogers fled on foot to a wooded spot, where he took a nap, he told police.

At that point, he told police he was no longer concerned about getting caught and "just wanted to kill a few more people," court papers say.

After buying some cigarettes and beer"

How are gun laws, or any laws going to stop someone who nonchalantly kills two people, then takes a nap, buys some beer and smokes and is totally unconcerned with being caught? The best place for evil like this is six feet under.

The next time someone asks you "Why do you own a gun?" just tell them "There are evil people in the world." If they're one of those people who can't grasp this reality, then they do so at their own peril.

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