Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A few random gun questions for my readers

I need some advice and most of you have owned guns for longer than I have.

I'm looking for mags for the Sig P6. (P225) Are Mecgar, Promag or any other aftermarket mags worth buying? New factory mags are $30 each. That's a bit pricey for a gun I paid under $400 for.

I also can't find Bersa/Firestorm .22 mags anywhere. Damn Bersa makes stuff impossible to find and crazy expensive. Sure, they have .380 mags but none for the .22lr variant. I'm probably going to have to call them directly to find some.

The Ceiner .22 conversion for the AR-15. Does it work well? Is it worth buying? I know mags are pricey, but with the cost of .223/5.56 so high spending ~$300 now seems like a worthwhile investment. If it's reliable and works well that is. Breda, didn't you shoot an AR with a drop-in .22 conversion? (BCG + Mags)

UPDATE - After further review I can scratch the .22 conversion off my list. Looks like if I want to shoot .22lr in an AR I'll have to buy a dedicated upper.

AR-15 railed handguards - The add-on rails that mount directly to the stock M4 handguards are cheap but I read that mounting accessories this way can damage the barrel. True? If so what do you all recommend as far as an inexpensive free-float rail system? Daniel Defense rails are nice, but I'm not rich and this is afterall a cheap $600 bargain-bin rifle.


Anonymous said...

What about a different brand for the AR rails? We use TDI, FAB and a few others and they're very high quality and much cheaper.

Mike W. said...

Thanks, the TDI X6 looks good.

Mike W. said...

I'm actually leaning towards the DD Omega CAR Rail due to both quality and ease of installation. I'll probably order one from CMMG.

I have some bills that need to be paid before I can order anything though.