Friday, January 11, 2008

I guess we're all "Domestic Terrorists" now?

Apparently H.R 1955 passed in the House 404-6. How wonderful. An entire piece of legislation committed to destroying our civil liberties. Sure, they throw in language at the end saying the following.

"Prohibits the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to prevent ideologically-based violence and homegrown terrorism from violating the constitutional and civil rights, and civil liberties, of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents."

All that amounts to is a blind promise saying "trust us, we won't abuse our authority, consider everyone we don't like "Terrorists" and watch all the gun-bloggers. I'm sure quite a few of us gun-bloggers are included on their list of "potential domestic terrorists." I mean god forbid we talk about the 2nd Amendment as a "reset button" against tyranny and discuss whether it's time to "shoot the bastards." We fly the Gadsen flag and believe in the Constitution, which means we might be "terrorists."

Democrats in Congress are all over how Bush has attacked civil liberties and they cried foul about the Patriot Act. Now they pass, almost unanimously, something like this that brands almost anyone a potential "domestic terrorist." What a bunch of hypocrites. I saw this bill a while back and didn't think it would pass. Boy was I wrong.

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