Thursday, February 14, 2008

*sigh* ...

Another shooting in a "gun-free zone." Actually it's a "gun-free zone" within a gun-free zone, since you can't legally carry firearms in public anywhere in Illinois. Only criminals and school shooters are allowed to do that. Is it sad that I'm no longer surprised by these events, and that I can immediately assume they've occurred in a gun-free zone? It seems I'm almost always proven right.

I discussed this briefly with my dad and said that in such a situation you really have no good options. You either run to an exit, or lay down and hope he doesn't shoot you. I said I thought that the best thing to do in a 200+ person lecture hall would be to stampede towards the shooter and then out the exit.

He said he'd lay down and play dead if he were in such a situation and disagreed with my argument that running is a better option because it's much harder to hit a moving target. I suppose I just don't understand the whole play dead / stand still / crouch in the corner or under a desk mindset. All that does is make you an easy, attractive target.

I carry my Benchmade with me pretty much everywhere. Obviously if there's ever a shooter while I'm in class I'm running immediately. If however, my only choices are to kneel and wait for a bullet or fight back then a 3" knife is certainly better than nothing. I think I'd rather die trying to do something.

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