Friday, February 22, 2008

Sportsmans Guide = Poop

so I ordered 1000 rds of the Fiocchi 9mm I linked to earlier for $149.97. With coupon & shipping my total came to $155.96. If you click that link the price has now jumped substantially.

Well Sportsmansguide has now charged my credit card for more expensive Fiocchi per their "updated" advertisement totalling $224.96, a $69 difference. The $149.97 is no longer shown on the site.

Lets hope they're good about this and refund me the difference. If you put up an advertized price and people buy at that price they don't expect to be charged more.

I just hope this goes more smoothly than disputes I've had with banks in the past. Maybe merchants are better. If not I can always file a CC dispute.


birsterj said...

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The Duck said...

I orderd 2 cases, then got a BO notice, to the tune of $140 more than catalog, I canceled the order

Mike W. said...

I never got any notice of a price change. I got an e-mailed order confirmation with the original price seen in the ad. Then a few days later, after it'd been shipped out I checked my CC statement and noticed I'd been overcharged. Then I went back and saw they'd "updated" the "clearance" deal with the new price that was $69 more.

Under the "errors" section of their site it says they reserve the right to change prices but says they will "notify you of the price change at the time of your order."

Now they want me to either ship back the ammo or pay the higher price and accept a $25 coupon off my next order. Yeah right! They screwed up and I fully expect the advertized price to be the price I'm charged. It's not my fault the wrong price was in an ad, still in their system, and that I was able to order it.

Mike W. said...

I should update this and say that I spoke to CS on the phone and got them to fix their mistake and refund me the $69 overcharge. I also kept the ammo I bought.

I turned down their original "offer" because it was bullshit.