Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feeling Safe vs. Being Safe

Tech's New Security Measures Worth Investigating

So apparently Va Tech has spent $10.4 MILLION in "security upgrades" after Cho killed 31 people. This student editorial asks the obvious question. Does it really make any difference, or just give us a false sense of security?

All the security measures colleges put in place won't do a damn thing to stop someone intent on mass murder or violent crime in general.

"And in my opinion, thinking we are safe when we actually are not is more dangerous than not being safe."
I couldn't agree more. In fact I said exactly the same thing in my comments to our student newspaper article regarding arming U of D cops. Va. Tech can add all the "security" measures they want, but if mass violence ever revisits their campus, it won't end until the shooter decides he's done or an armed individual stops it.

I don't care what security measures are put in place, some nutjob like Cho will still be able to walk onto any college campus at any time and start killing people. Most college campuses, by virtue of their openness and general size simply cannot be secure. Anyone can walk onto campus at any time, and there's no practical way to prevent this at the nation's colleges. The only policy that can do a damn bit of good is allowing those with CCW permits to carry on campus.

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