Thursday, March 13, 2008

Note(s) to Self

1. Setup a UPS Mailbox for receiving packages. The sight of anything firearms-related being mailed to the house will "scare the white people" (I.E. my parents - Dad) and result in immediate PSH.

2. Move out ASAP following graduation despite what "plans" my parents have. They want me to apply to law school after graduation and then live at home while in school. Not going to happen.

3. Don't even try to discuss firearms with someone you know to be a narcissistic, dishonest, disrespectful, irrational, insecure and volatile person. Their fragile mind cannot even process the thought of a gun without immediate PSH ensuing. Yet somehow *I* am the one to be concerned about because of my interest in guns.

4. Hoplophobia really is a mental illness, at least as far as rabidly anti-gun people are concerned. These people are actually scary to interact with, and they manifest their hoplophobia with projection.

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