Friday, March 7, 2008

oh joy, I love Fridays......

Today has been an awesome day so far...., and here I am stuck at work till 8:15 tonight.

I guess it's my own damn fault though. I had writers block while trying to write a terrible paper about a nonsensical book for an utterly useless class taught by a nutjob liberal feminist professor. So this resulted in a crappy 4 page paper finished at 5AM followed by ~3 hours of sleep.

Then I woke up late, couldn't find my keys, was almost late for class and forgot my lunch. I ate no breakfast because my family likes to leave the empty cereal boxes in the cabinet. Of course every single one is empty.

Thankfully I found time to get coffee at Brew-Haha..... and promptly burnt myself as I spilled it all over my hand.

I sat through class till 1:10 and listened to a guest lecture from a lawyer I know. (he used to work with my parents) All he did was discuss the Capano case from way back in 1996. He's a good lawyer, but damn is he dry and boring.

Now I rush to get to work by 2PM and manage to both hit every red light and get stuck behind people going 10 under the speed limit. I get into Wilmington already late for work, so I stop at Grotto's so I'll have a lunch. I was feeling physically ill from the lack of sleep and food. I finally get parked and manage to step on a dead cat next to my car. It looks like he's been there a few days. As I'm running up the 3 blocks to the office my pizza slides out of the side of the box. Great, now all I've got to eat till ~9 tonight are 2 cans of Mountain Dew.

Oh, and Friday's mean I get to walk down to the crime infested shithole where I park. (although there are worse areas of the city) A well-dressed, skinny, limping white boy walking alone and in the dark. I keep my head up and on a swivel, but I'm sure I look like an attractive target. I don't carry much if any cash or valuables, but that doesn't exactly stop criminals. I'm not scared, but I do really dislike the walk to my car at night. Lots of shady characters like to hang out down there.

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