Friday, April 25, 2008

Ah kids...

Uncle's kids remind him "Butt" is a "bad word"

I just had a similar experience while visiting my nephews recently. They are 1, 2, 3, and 12, and the 3 year old had to keep reminding me not to use the "bad words" "butt" or "fart." Instead I'm supposed to say "heiney" and "tooted." I can't say either of those with a straight face.

I don't remember "butt" and "fart" being "bad words" when I was a kid, but maybe that's because my dad is the king of flatulence. (sorry dad) My mom however, hates the word "suck" and still repremands her "kids" when they use it.


breda said...

I wasn't allowed to use the word "hate" when I was a kid.

Mike W. said...

Funny the words our parents considered "bad."

I wouldn't want my kid running around saying "fuck, shit, bitch etc." but limiting non-profanity is kinda silly IMO.

mike's spot said...

Yea I'm not a fan of limiting some words to kids. Steven Pinker in 'the stuff of thought' does a whole bunch of stuff on the meaning of curse words and if they have a deeper significance to people. He speculated that because people curse so much that we have been made numb to things that should have a far deeper impact.

thats really shortening his argument, but its a decent book anyway.