Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog Bash ?

Unfortunately it looks like most of the cool / fun stuff will be going on Thursday, Friday, and early Saturday. For those who have gone before, is it even worth it for me to go if I'll only be there Saturday evening and Sunday? Will other bloggers still be around?


Bitter said...

The exhibit hall is definitely worth it. They aren't kidding when they say it's acres of guns and gear.

Sebastian and I will definitely be there. There's the media panel on Sunday. I just managed to find people who were mostly free on the other days, and I wanted to leave one day mostly open so that people could go enjoy the fun that is the exhibit hall.

Also, I am still finalizing some things, so it's entirely likely some potential events/meetings/whatever won't be announced until we're there. That's what the Twitter account is for. :)

Squeaky Wheel said...

TD, Rusty, and I will be there through Sunday. :-) And I wanna meet you, so that should make your decision easier...haha.

Mike W. said...

Well I'm registered, but I probably won't commit for sure till the 14th-15th. Have to find out exam schedules and whatnot.

Also, considering the number of people at the event, how are us bloggers supposed to find eachother once we make it to Lousiville?

Squeaky, I'm looking forward to meeting you, and everyone else as well. If you see me on Saturday though I'll probably be a bit out of it after the 600+ mile trek.

I can't get a speeding ticket on the way either, I'm on 6 months "probation" till June from my last one.