Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quote of the Day

From a UK article by Brendan O'Neill - "Defending Freedom"

"Charlton Heston, in demanding equal treatment for blacks in the 1950s and later calling for everyone to have the right to bear arms, was a better representative of the spirit of American equality than any of those gun control campaigners who turned him into their favourite redneck whipping boy. You don't have to be a friend of the NRA or a supporter of the senseless shootings in America's poorer communities to oppose gun control. You just have to have some healthy trust in the American people and some healthy distrust of the American state - both qualities that liberals in America and Europe seem to lack today."

The entire article is spot-on, particularly his discussion about the true origins of gun-control and how at odds such a policy is with many of the values today's liberals claim to stand for. They scream about equality, yet support policies that seek to perpetuate inequalities. They scream about government power and abuse, yet would gladly take power away from the individual and give it to the government. They could learn so much if they'd just open their minds.


Unknown said...

Great article, and from a Brit at that!

Some of the comments are pretty stupid. They reinforce the obvious; that gun-control is an emotional belief that has no foundation of fact.

Mike W. said...

"some of the comments are pretty stupid."

I think that can be said for almost any instance where anti's comment on a pro-gun piece.