Friday, May 16, 2008

Off to Louisville......sorta

I'm off to class in about an hour and then I'll be on my way to Louisville. I'm staying at the Super 8 on Central Ave. across from the Expo Center. I would have skipped class, but unfortunately I have to be there.

I should be in Louisville sometime between 1-3 AM Saturday morning. If any of you see a lanky kid with glasses, light jeans & a short-sleeved polo, livestrong bracelet and a badly faded blue University of Delaware hat come over and say hi.


Laura said...

safe, have fun, blabla :)

Laura said...


Mike W. said...

Drove safe, had fun, did not die, and no one got shot.

Oh, and I was in your neck of the woods this morning around sunrise and I can say without a doubt that MD drivers are the worst of the 4 states I traveled through.

That and it's a bit disconcerting driving through MD knowing you have guns in the car, even though they're properly stored per Federal rules.

Kevin said...

It was good to meet you! Next year in Phoenix?